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Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights. It is celebrated in the fall, some time in October or November. Traditionally, people light lamps and decorate their homes to attract Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. 

Diwali is the biggest holiday in India  and it's a five day festival:

1st:The first day, Dhan teras, is used to shop and prepare for the celebration. 
2nd: The second day, Naraka Chaturdasi, marks the beginning of the lighting of the lamps, as well as the setting off of fireworks to celebrate the defeat of demons. 

3rd:The third day is Diwali itself, the center of the celebration. 

4th:The fourth day, Annakut, is marked by feasts. 

5th: Bhayiduj, the last day, is reserved for brothers and sisters to strengthen their bonds with each other.

People celebrate Diwali, sharing candy and sweets, lighting fireworks, buying new clothes, wearing gold and jewelry, decorating their homes, lighting lamps and diyas (small clay pots which are lit like luminarias) and painting designs on their hands with henna.

They also paint Rangoli patterns close to the entrance of their homes to welcome visitors. Rangoli are used to attract the goddess of prosperity.

Do you want to see or Rangoli Pictures?

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