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Richmond Primary Readers is an original series of 18 titles covering the 6 levels of Primary. The series comes with extra teachers' resources. Key features include:
  • Engaging illustrations using a variety of different styles
  • Humorous stories which appeal to each age group, with different levels of language
  • Most stories are original
  • A picture dictionary is included at the end of each book
  • All readers have an audio CD to allow listening and reading practice
  • Worksheets available for all titles
DOWNLOAD comprehension exercises and activities.

Level 1

Callum the caterpillar
Mole at the seaside

Level 3

Who's coming for tea?
Ozzie and summer sun

Level 5

Mystery island
The chatroom
Aladdin & other stories
Professor wong and king arthur

 Level 2

The magic carpet

Level 4

Pedro's project
CC goes to India
The Christmas mouse

Level 6

Rubbish rivals
The rockpool
Footprints in the forest
A maori story

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